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My Name is Mina, I'm here to share random pictures, Music and Jokes I like ...I love comedy , Music ,Cats & All Animals , you can Ask-Follow me if you like , I always answer-follow back ,hope you all enjoy my blog =^.^=

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I like being sent legit anon asks it’s like being interviewed by a fan

Dear followers please check this music blog & follow, it has nothing but awesome music posts!

[Music Is Life] [Music Is Life] [Music Is Life]

[Music Is Life] [Music Is Life] [Music Is Life]

Thank you In advance! Love you all! ♡ =^.^= 

p.s. I’ll be doing this “promoting my followers’ blogs that I like” thing  every month (blog of the month) ♡ =^.^= ♡


you have every right to be ANGRY, but your anger isn’t hurting the person you’re mad at it’s hurting YOU..AND THE REALITY IS Anger is a cowardly extension of sadness.. 

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*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up